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Buying a property, a car or a piece of equipment can be a daunting experience. Same with re-financing, down-sizing or investing, there is always so much to consider when taking out a loan. That is why it is vital to use an expert who understands the market and can find you the best loan to suit your requirements.

Our aim at SHB Lending is to find you a loan that not only meets your requirements, but exceeds your expectations in terms of rate, product and advice. We believe in providing our clients with choice and opportunity, and at SHB we guarantee to support you for the life of your loan.

"Whether you are a first home buyer, seasoned investor, an expanding business or just have a need for funding, SHB Lending will help find the right loan for your needs."




We help you manage every aspect of your business & because we establish a one-on-one relationship with each of our clients, our advice is tailor-made for you. We’ve also developed our auditing and accounting practices into innovative client-focused services.


Financial Planning

Are you seeking wealth, or at the very least, long term financial security?  To achieve it you’ll need a plan.  To discuss your current plan or to develop a new one, have a chat with SHB, proven Wealth Advisers.  They’ll be one of your best investments.



We can provide finance solutions for all residential, commercial, rural, equipment and investment needs, partnering with our Accounting and Wealth professionals when required to ensure every recommendation we make is right for you, now and into the future.

Experts in Mortgage Broking and Vehicle and Equipment Finance

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